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Friday, March 20, 2009 Y 10:04 PM

Attention peaps..

i've changed my link

click here

to link to my new blog

relink me ya

cheers =)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009 Y 11:31 PM

Hey Peaps
I've decided already

It's gonna be

Marketing laaaa

Please miss me when I'm not around kl =)

althou my dad keep pissing me off by telling how much he wanted me to go overseas to study so that he could migrate there with that drunk face
and how he wanted more than anything then his children could me






you don't even know what's the cost of having that kind of life

im sooo not interested in that

my biggest dream is to be a PROFESSIONAL........housewife


cheers =)

Y 8:33 PM


It's just the starting of sem3 and i have already piled up 3 assignments
wts, wth, wtf
i'm gonna sufiscate already

actually i was gonna challange myself in taking some subject that i think i could manage
my friends were all shocked when i told them i choose this as my degree course
cos im playful and lazy and very very very the lazy
they were doubting about my choice

but they ended up right
i didn't work hard in foundation
my cpga is just enough for me to graduate foundation
i dunno what i'm doing now

thinking of changing degree course already
i have 2 in mind
its either business admin or banking and finance
i dunno which 1 to choose laaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Ps: my mum just sugest me to go for marketing..cos she thinks it suits my character

Monday, March 2, 2009 Y 11:47 PM

First Day Of Final Sem

It's the first day of Sem3
time flies that you wouldn't have notice you've been through all these time
sweet and sour memories
im out of topic again..zzz

this morning we started of with engligh in comm
but our lecturer was late
guess who our lecturer is..
it's mr. yaw
according to teikwei, he craps a lot and knows a lot about movies
and we did have a fun time in our class
as we made jokes again

oh ya, we were fighting for minchong for the group assignments
cos he's too pro already lar
popular demand ler
but too bad he still sticks with his group
really hope that he would come to our group =)

skip skip skip
skip to web page design lecture class
ms tee is teaching us *yay*
she's a good lecturer but the class always bully her
*it does not include me =)*

skip skip skip
i went to the J's house to get novels from reno
then i went to photostat the notes for this sem

skip skip skip
i went back and rearrange the notes in order
then that's it for today
lazy enough to blog laaaaaa

Sunday, March 1, 2009 Y 7:41 PM

i went to tmn segah to eat dinner today
and the place is just few roads to leisure mall

when we were about to leave
my mum just called me and told me this new myvi
when i looked at the car plate
me and my bro were like OMG
nice car plate~

the clouds were moving fast

when we reached home
my 2 brother's school shoes were all wet

wet shoes

my eldest younger brother
(noooooooo..my shoe)

both of them keeping their shoes in the house

my youngest fat brother

my mum with erica's clown toy
(i'll suck all your blood out) says my eldest younger brother

my brothers wouldn't wanna care bout their shoes,
so my mum had to use the hair dryer to dry their shoes

my youngest brother..see, but no help


Bedroom Under Construction

wrapped by table with this cute wrapping paper

cute huh..the couples was a gift from yunwey~

my lapsaps..waiting for a new cupboard

tadaa..still abit messy la..paiseh

Y 4:01 PM


It's a sunday morning of cos i need to wake up early
to go to church laa

met danny before service starts
he changed his phone
W910..nice phone thou

his phone..W910

my phone..s500i

used danny's phone to camwhore..hiak hiak~

edited these before service starts

pastor bernard was sick so he couldnt make it to the youth service
and no speaker is available
so we did some simple singing and discussion

cos my mum passed me the honey star
and i was busy eating it
the rest saw me eating and they were hungry too
in the end my honey star was everywhere

glad-den with my honey stars

honey stars

after the youth service ended
i was sooooo hungry
and my dad din dabao for me?

im a kinda girl that will get angry when im hungry
and that's what i did
i was totally angry

and then i have this thought of making egg rolls
cos there are many ingredients in the firdge that needs to be cleared soon
and there you go
my egg rolls

althou it looks kinda ugly
but it's my first time laa
some more need to fry and steam
a lot of work ler
appreciate it laa

actually i wanna leave some for my jimuiz to try
but my dad keep curi makan laaaa
some more eat a lot ler..
so im soooo sorry my jimuiz
everyone only get to have 1 piece laa

after it came out of the wok

looks abit ugly laa

some nice ones


tadaa..nice ones

prepared to be eaten

what is the blog for without the owner's pic..hahaha

Ps: the egg roll consists of fish paste, chicken sausages and beef burger =)

Friday, February 27, 2009 Y 9:43 PM


today is the day that we put a full stop on our lovely sem break
so we decided to spend the day at SUNWAY LAGOON
which we already planned since sem1 but din succeeded
this time we really put our thoughts into actions
but then syting put us aeroplane
so 6 of us:
me, voonli, tracy, teikwei, keelih, winson
me and tracy 1 car, teikwei 1 car, voonli, winson, keelih 1 car

me and tracy arrived early
cos we went early (i woke up at 7.45am lol)
then we reached sunway around 9 something
and what do you know
it opens at 11am for weekdays
and teikwei was right
so we decided to go to pyramid
but then we were lost in the spa resort
anyway we managed to walk to pyramid

time is still early
and i was hungry so we had breakfast at McD
then we sat down there blow water while eating breakfast
and what do you know
our phones rang around 10am
and both our phones have the same ringtone =)
this means that this song is super duper nice lol

teikwei came in first then voonli they all followed in
then voonli and keelih had their breakfast too
with some funny stunts..haha

then off we went to lagoon~
as today is a weekday and less people will go to play
so we all played like nobody's business cos we dont need to que
we can just play and play and play~
non stop
we went to the wet park first
den off to the dry park using the bridge

we almost played all the dry park facilities
except for the roller coaster cos it's under construction
then we went bak to play the wet park
there's a board for you to lean on and jus slide down
there's so happen to be 6 slides and so happens to be 6 of us
then we all even compete for the fastest
we played that slide for 5 times?
non stop
the guy was shoked to see us again and again
teikwei is always the fastest
voonli and keelih is always last..haha
we got tired of climbing upstairs so we went to the covered pool

the water there was cold
but we all played a lot there
then we all went to the baby pool to chit chat
we all were discussing of where to have our lunchiner (lunch+dinner)
but at last it's manhattan
our stomach is grumbbling already and we were freezing there
so we decided to find teikwei then off to bath

he was at the wave pool
then all of us went in cos the water there is warm
the all of us chit chat and swim swam there
we also taught voonli how to float on water
but at last we girls went to shower first
cos the guys wont get up from the pool

we had lunchiner at manhattan
and keep blow water after our meal
we guys just cant stop blow water when we meet each other

as a conclusion
we really had a great time there
but then i felt sorry cos i bring tracy drove around my area to get to her place
cos that's the only road im firmiliar with
and another thing,
i ffk-ed my angie, jessie they all for dinner cos im full and tired
sorry my dears

having breakfast (my eyes are not opened fully yet)

tracy brushing her teeth~

looking at lengzai? or waiting for the others


voonli and keelih, winson missing

voonli having her sausage macmuffin

teikwei sleeping on tracy's shoulder

the 'lengzai' and the lagoon

tracy, me and voonli

the lagoon

tracy curi take (keelih the kuli)

the cowboy dace before they open the gates

the lazy tiger


nice scenery (teikwei, tracy, keelih, me, voonli)

voonli putting on sunblock for me

the drive-thru shower

rules and regulations

the 'lengzai' and the shower

me, voonli, tracy (lagoon map)

teikwei, me, keelih, voonli, tracy

our group pic~one and only
(keelih, me, voonli, tracy, teikwei, winson)

nice scenery

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